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Tips For Preparing Your Kids For Their First Haircut

children’s hair salonThere comes a time when every parent must decide whether they should continue cutting their child’s hair or finally visit a children’s hair salon. Taking your child to his or her first haircut can be an exasperating experience for many parents, especially those with little ones that have trouble meeting new people or staying still. But if a trip to grandma’s, a family photo shoot, or just being tired to seeing a head full of uneven locks is enough to finally convince you to visit a kids’ hair salon in Vancouver, then our team at Lil’ Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids has you covered.

Unlike other salons that simply accept appointments for kids, our staff of highly experienced stylists deal exclusively in providing children with great looking haircuts in a fun and relaxing environment. To help keep every member of the family happy during your child’s first appointment at our kids’ hair salon, here are a few tips for parents on how to make your child’s first haircut is an exciting and comfortable experience where they’re the star.

Set the Stage

While most kids may seem brave while crawling, jumping, and running on, over, and around everything in sight, most kids have a problem dealing with the unknown. The sound of hair clippers, the smell of shampoo, and the sight of a whole room full of strangers can quickly overwhelm a child, causing even the most adventurous of explorers to become shy and timid. Being placed in one of our customized salon chairs for their haircut may just be too much, causing the kind of tantrum that makes many parents willing to continue playing stylist to avoid.

Fortunately, kids have a much better time dealing with strange new experiences when they have a better idea of what to expect. Talk with your kids about what they may see when walking into our salon, about sitting in the stylist’s chair, wearing a cape, and that someone other than mommy or daddy will be cutting their hair. Just by giving your kids a slight heads-up you can make their first haircut seem way less scary.

Timing is Everything

While most parents have incredibly tight schedules where every open hour is a precious resource not to be wasted, trying to schedule your child’s first haircut during a time that’s most convenient to you might not make it the most pleasant experience for your little one. Children are creatures of habit, and trying to schedule a haircut during naptime, lunch, or playtime can go horribly wrong.

A tired, hungry, or overly excited child is going to have a hard time sitting still during their haircut. If possible, try scheduling your child’s haircut during a time where they’re either rested, such as after a nap, or during periods where they’re used to sitting still, such as during quite time or story time. The better able you are to match getting a haircut to your kids daily schedule, the more receptive they will be to the entire experience.

Bring a Change of Wardrobe

As Dr. Spock once wrote, “Toddlers gonna toddle.” Well maybe not, but you get the idea. Toddlers possess the unique ability to alter even the best laid plans. Whether that means your toddler refuses to wear a cape, is unable to stop squirming, or just doesn’t like the feel of freshly cut hairs on the back of his or her neck, you’ll be glad to have a fresh shirt or dress to offer should the unexpected become the expected.

Let Them Lead the Way

Trying to force your kids to act a certain way while getting their hair cut will only make the experience more difficult for everyone involved. For example, trying to use force to restrict your child’s movement is way more likely to lead to more squirming than a good statue impersonation. Refusing to let your child hold a favorite toy or suck on a comforting pacifier will only cause the situation to become more stressful and less smooth.

Rather than try to make your child “behave”, let them lead the way and compensate towards indulging behaviors that will help your child stay calm and comfortable. Our team of experienced stylists know all of the tricks for keeping kids entertained and comfortable, so you don’t worry about making sure your child stays on “best behavior.”

The Crowd Goes Wild

Overall, it’s important for parents to let their kids know just how exciting a haircut can be and how great they look once it’s over. Make sure to give plenty of positive reinforcement to your kids both before, during, and after their haircut. Not only will this provide a nice boost to their self-esteem, it also helps to establish a positive connection between getting a haircut and looking good. This will make your little star far more excited for their next visit to a children’s hair salon.