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Tips For Cutting Your Toddler’s Hair at Home

haircut places for toddlersWhen considering your options for haircut places for toddlers, our team at Lil’ Snippers understands the sometimes the most convenient place to cut your child’s hair is right at home. Not only does this save parents time, it can also help to alleviate a child’s fear over visiting a hair salon full of strange people, sights, and smells. When the time comes to start getting your child’s haircut professionally, we’ll be here for you.

However, for parents who still cut their child’s hair at home, the whole process can seem nightmarish as they try to cut down on the squirming while providing an even and clean looking haircut. If you don’t have experience cutting your own hair or always seem to have trouble convincing your child to sit still, here are a few tips that will make it easier for parents to successfully cut their kids hair at home.

Preparation is Key

Unless it’s a trip to Disneyland or the ice cream parlor, kids typically don’t like surprises. This is especially true when the surprise involves somethings that makes them potentially uncomfortable or confused.

To better prepare your child for getting a homemade haircut, start talking about it a couple of days in advanced to allow your child to ask questions and to have a chance to let any nervousness settle. Make sure to select the words you use to describe what getting a haircut is like carefully. Many children are unware that getting their haircut doesn’t hurt, as the word “cut” is often associated with something painful or unpleasant. To work around this type of word association, try telling your kids you’re going to “trim” or “style” their hair instead.

The next time you go to get your haircut, try taking your child along. Not only will this provide your child with a better idea of what to expect, it will also make them more comfortable when the time comes to finally take them to Lil’ Snippers for their first big girl or boy haircut.

Timing is Everything

One thing our team of experienced team of stylists always tell parents who visit our kids’ hair salon in Hazel Dell is that they should always schedule their kids’ haircuts based on their kids’ schedule, not their own.

Most children are creatures of habit, and interrupting their daily routine for something as strange as a haircut could cause problems, especially if the timing interferes with naptime, lunch, or playtime. It’s always best for the parents and their kids if a haircut is scheduled during a time of day when a child is used to sitting still, such as during quiet time or story time.

So instead of trying to squeeze a haircut into the part of the day most convenient for you, try finding a time in the day where everyone in the house will be onboard.

Set Up Your Salon

Choose a place in the home where you can easily occupy your child’s attention. Keeping your child distracted or busy will help cut down on the squirming. Placing your child in front of the TV, letting them play with a favorite toy or handheld game all make great options for providing your little one with just enough incentive to sit still.

You may also want to consider recruiting some assistance. Kids, especially young toddlers, will stay sitting still longer if sitting on the lap of a friend or family member.

Have a Plan of Action

Okay, so you’ve gotten your child to sit still and patiently wait for a haircut, but now you realize you have no idea what you want to do? It’s important that you plan out your child’s haircut in advance so you don’t waste those precious minutes of good behavior.

Start by asking yourself, “How do I want the hair to look once it’s cut?” How much do you need to cut off? Should you start by cutting off ½ an inch before cutting more? If you don’t have much experience cutting hair, it’s probably best to start by cutting less than you initially expect and then working your way up from there.

Cutting your child’s hair at home can seem like a real nightmare, but with a little preparation and planning, you can make it a pleasant family activity. But if you want to avoid the process entirely, don’t forget Lil’ Snippers when search for haircut places for toddlers.