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Lil’ Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids

Welcome to Lil’ Snipper Hair Care 4 Kids

By Lil' Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids | Mar 15, 2018

At Lil’ Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids, we strive to be the best hair salon for kids in Vancouver, WA. Being the best means providing your child with a great looking haircut, while creating a fun and exciting atmosphere that makes for a memorable experience, during each and every visit. We understand getting a haircut…

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Tips For Cutting Your Toddler’s Hair at Home

By Lil' Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids | Feb 22, 2018

When considering your options for haircut places for toddlers, our team at Lil’ Snippers understands the sometimes the most convenient place to cut your child’s hair is right at home. Not only does this save parents time, it can also help to alleviate a child’s fear over visiting a hair salon full of strange people,…

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Tips For Preparing Your Kids For Their First Haircut

By Lil' Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids | Jan 15, 2018

There comes a time when every parent must decide whether they should continue cutting their child’s hair or finally visit a children’s hair salon. Taking your child to his or her first haircut can be an exasperating experience for many parents, especially those with little ones that have trouble meeting new people or staying still.…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Let Kids Pick Their Own Haircuts

By Lil' Snippers Hair Care 4 Kids | Jan 15, 2018

One of the great tugs of war that has existed between family members since the beginning of time – or at least since the invention of school pictures – is between kids and parents about who chooses their haircut. For kids, choosing their own haircut can be an exercise in demonstrating their own independence. Parents,…

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